While we have spoken a lot about taxes on our website, we have neglected the other certainty in life, death. Death brings many heartaches, grieving and tribulations. A financial burden can be placed on your loved ones when an untimely death occurs. Some funeral homes require money immediately for their services, as to not get stiffed on the bill. The average funeral cost today is $7,045*. Additional fees for cemetery, monument, flowers, & obituaries can increase this cost to nearly $10,000**. The Social Security Death Benefit only provides a lump sum benefit of $255 for those who qualify**.This can burden your children or other loved ones, especially when life insurance companies won’t pay out the death benefit for at least 30 days after they receive the death certificate. Final expense plans are not “one size fits all” programs and Asset Protection Services, Inc. can assist to fit each individual’s needs and budget. Our firm specializes in doing this thoughtfully and effectively in developing the right plan for you, without visiting a funeral home.

Just like you can control your tax distributions, your market losses, and your estate plan, you too can have your wishes recognized for your final celebration. Have your life remembered the way you want to be remembered. Life is a celebration!

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*Source: 2013 National Funeral Directors Association General Price List Survey.

**Source: Social Security Rules & Regulations 404.390