Asset Protection Services, Inc. and its principal legal and financial professionals have been helping Minnesota residents plan their retirement and protect their assets for more than 38 years, and specializing in the areas of IRA/401(k) distribution, tax strategies, income planning and ROTH conversions with outstanding results, Asset Protection Services, Inc’s. approach has helped their clients:

  • Avoid or eliminate needless taxation of IRAs/401(k)/403(b) retirement accounts
  • Use IRAs to build a lasting legacy for children and grandchildren
  • Create a secure retirement income that cannot be outlived
  • Make proper and profitable choices for maximizing their Social Security benefits
  • Protect client assets from loss to catastrophic illness and nursing homes

Our qualified legal and financial professionals are prepared to handle every aspect of your retirement including: income planning, insurance, income taxation, investments, estate planning and asset protection planning. Results never lie!

Asset Protection Services, Inc. presents free public workshops and seminars on a variety of legal and financial areas of concern including, Social Security Maximization, Estate Planning, IRA/401k distribution planning, ROTH conversions and Nursing Home protection planning for you and your parents. A couple hours of planning could save you a lifetime of headaches. People who plan win! People who don’t plan lose!

Strategic Alliance

It seems today that many different forces are working to get their hands on your pile of money, from over-taxation to nursing homes, even an estate tax (Death Tax) in Minnesota. It is becoming more challenging to keep what you have earned and saved. Passing it to your spouse or next generation presents a whole different set of challenges. Luckily we have aligned our firm with a law firm that is dedicated to helping solve these problems. This includes help with tax strategies, real estate closings and sellings, estate taxes, nursing home protection, LLCs and much, much more. What Americans don’t always understand is that in the United States of America, there are optional taxes that we pay, and we pay them because we don’t know that they are optional. Kody is an Elder Law attorney, Tax attorney and Estate Planning attorney. His broad knowledge of these areas has helped thousands of people save their hard earned pile of money from over-taxation and nursing home spend down. Asset Protection Services, Inc. has strategically aligned itself with Holker Law Offices because of the values they offer and their passion for helping people protect their assets for those who rightfully should get it, their heirs. Holker Law offices’ motto is: “Empowering our clients to take control of their wealth and use the law in their favor.” Holker Law Offices is a law firm  that is doing the right thing to help those who need it most.